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About School

About School

Shanti Nikunja secondary school is located on the heart of Kathmandu valley, the capital city of Nepal, just two three meters ahead of historical palace Hanuman Dhoka.it carries a historical education background of the nation. In 2000-2001 some energetic youngster running small education Centre united and formed Shanti Nikunja secondary school in 2002 A.D. The school was upgraded from lower secondary to secondary school in 2007 and continuously giving qualitative education to the students. Passed out student of this school are in the top most executive position of Nepal government. some of them are engineers, lectures, doctors, pilots, lawyers, actors, journalists, and etc. the outcome of the school products determine the quality of the school.

Anschool with tremendous track record and with hundreds of students being successfull ahead in their life. This school has presented itself to be respected. The proven track record has helped this school get admissions from all around the diversity.

Living in a society requires everyone to abide by rules in order to achieve the celebrated values of the society. Discipline is the precious ornament of a human being to be known as social beings. Shanti Nikunja Secondary School is a society of intellectual person and aims at imparting quality education along with high degree of social respect and morality. Therefore Shanti Nikunja Secondary School, gives importance to right attitude and discipline.

  • Pramit Das | Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    A wonderful learning environment and a place of peace for the parents that their child are in safe hands. Whishing Shanti Nikunja Secondary School an eternity of success all along the way. I would definetly recommend this Shanti Nikunj Secondary School

  • Aastha Acharya | Jan 04, 2018 | Reply

    Having got a chance to study in Shanti Nikunj Secondary School have made me a better human being. I have understood the importane of education all along the life. The faculty is really co-operative. Shanti Nikunj Secondary School is best place for quality education.

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